When conditions dictate that an AC unit needs to be moved, call us for expert assistance.


There are times when an air conditioning unit needs to be moved in your home or office. If you need air conditioner relocation, then it is essential that you hire a trusted team to assist. Experienced technicians provide protection for your equipment, as well as proper installation in the new location. While DIY is a great option for some maintenance tasks, air conditioner relocation is a situation when you should always call an experienced contractor for assistance.

At Integrity Air Heating & Cooling Specialist, we offer a range of air conditioning services. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, relocation, or installation, we are just a phone call away. Our team is focused on building quality relationships with our customers.

Why Do You Need Air Conditioner Relocation?

Here are some of the reasons why our customers request the relocation of their air conditioning units:

  • Fence installation
  • Landscaping changes
  • Meeting codes
  • Reducing the risk of theft
  • Home additions or remodeling
  • Pouring new concrete
  • Adding a deck or porch on the home
  • Upgrading the unit to a bigger system that requires more space
  • Damage that needs to be repaired
  • Swimming pool installation
  • Adding security or anti-theft measures to the unit
  • Change in property lines (re-zoning)
  • Improving the circulation of air
  • Minimizing dirt erosion problems

Why Professional Services are Needed

It isn’t as easy as you might think to move an air conditioning unit. Certain steps need to be followed before the unit is moved, such as managing the existing Freon safely and adjusting the layout and length of the refrigerant line and copper lines. Sometimes, welding or splicing can be done to utilize the current piping, but there are times when these pipes need to be replaced due to the new positioning of the unit.

When the air conditioner is placed in the new location, the Freon needs to be pumped back into the system. It is a delicate process to avoid problems that can occur if air or moisture enters the system. Additionally, the system needs to be recharged properly. Finally, proper electrical work needs to be done to manage the thermostat wiring, insulation, and more.

The cost of moving an air conditioner varies depending on the specific services that are required. Our team will gladly come to your home or office to provide an estimate for this work, including both parts and labor. For more information about available services, talk to our experienced team at Integrity Air Heating & Cooling Specialist. Call for a consultation: (951) 306-9061.


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