Integrity Air is taking the following steps to protect you and our employees.


Here at integrity Air, we are focused on our customers’ and our team’s health and safety. As things are changing to the temporary new we are adapting to the situation, which is changing constantly. We have established new policies to protect everyone during this pandemic and even after this health crisis. As a way to reduce contact or surface contamination we are utilizing all types of sanitizers, disinfectants, gloves, masks, and proper disposal assuring your health along with that of our team members.

As an essential business we are here to service any of your heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and indoor air quality needs.

With summer around the corner its very important to get your HVAC system serviced for safety, efficiency, performance, and operation. It’s also important to prevent failures, making sure your family is healthy and comfortable, especially during this summer with so much uncertainty.

Below is a list of the different requirements our company has established:

  • We cannot enter a home when someone has been found ill within the last 2 months; we are trusting our homeowners to be honest.
  • Wearing gloves and replacing them frequently while on site and in between homes.
  • Wearing booties; every pair is thrown away after each home in our vehicle trash compartment.
  • A mask that is changed or cleaned after every visit.
  • Hand sanitizer used frequently and after every home.
  • Lysol wipes to wipe down our vehicle, your home, and frequently touched areas.
  • We will be keeping our distance, at least 6′ (no hugs or hand shakes at this time).
  • We will spray our ladders down using Lysol after every home.
  • Washing our hands frequently, and in between calls.
  • Temperatures are checked daily and more frequently if asked.
  • No technician will be allowed to work while being ill.
  • We are taking extra measures, beyond what is listed above, to assure that we are not cross contaminating.
  • Following all CDC requirements.

We will also follow any specific instructions for entering your home or while in your home you will feel most comfortable while our technicians are servicing your HVAC equipment.

Here are a few tips to maintain and operate your air conditioner during this time:

  • run your air conditioner to stir up the internal lubricants allowing for a proper operation
  • replace your air filters with a MERV8 pleated filter
  • clean your vents using a vacuum cleaner
  • hose off the air conditioner for best efficiency
  • be sure to run your HVAC fan often using the fan switch on your thermostat; that way you can clean the air in your home using the air filter and also stir up the stagnant air
  • open a window often while running the fan

Recommendations for better indoor air quality during this time:

  • install a high quality whole home air purification system attached to your central HVAC system
  • install a high efficiency whole home air cleaner into your HVAC for cleanest breathable air
  • have a duct cleaning done on your ventilation since everyone has been quarantined for months, we will have a high amount of skin, hair, dirt, and other dust particles weakening our immune system and overall health
  • make sure all vents and access points are sealed accordingly
  • have a whole home fresh air delivery and exhaust system installed for title 24 requirements, as well as cleanest most fresh air in your home at all times

Please refer to our indoor air quality page for information regarding best indoor air quality practices.


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